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Garden State Real Estate Academy’s mission  is to adequately prepare each student for the New Jersey real estate license examination by offering an education that is complete, meaningful, and productive. Garden State Real Estate Academy provides our students with class schedules, both day and evening, understanding the need for availability and flexibility.  Our curriculum and methods of instruction focus on a more practical approach in educating future referral agents, salespersons, and brokers. By incorporating interactive discussions and introducing realistic scenarios that frequently occur in today’s real estate transactions, our students are provided with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the real estate business. Philip Bonafiglia, Director/Owner of Garden State Real Estate Academy, has a B.S. Degree  in Education, over thirty years teaching experience, and has spent more than twelve years in the real estate business as a salesperson and broker.  His renowned professionalism, dedication, and expertise as an educator and role model have been instrumental in the remarkable success rate of his students.

Requirements for acceptance into the Referral Agent, Salesperson, and Broker Pre-licensure Courses, as well as requirements for its successful completion, can be found in the School Policy. Information on Screening Questions, Tuition, Course Schedules, and Registration is also available on this web site.